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Hosted by the Linux Foundation's Joint Development Foundation (JDF), the Unified Acceleration Foundation brings together ecosystem participants to establish an open standard for developing applications that deliver performance across a wide range of architectures.

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Membership Features




Steering Committee Leadership

Influence the direction of the foundation through Steering Committee participation - by election.

Steering Committee voting rights - by election.

Support and influence the Working Groups (WGs) and Special Interest Groups (SIGs).

Approve plans from the Working Groups.

Define the operational framework for the foundation.

Approve the plans from the Marketing Committee.

Ratify new versions of the specification.

Ratify deliverables from Working Groups.

Working Groups (WGs): Specification, Open Source

Participate in Working Groups decision-making.

Agree Working Group proposals.

Attend Working Group meetings.

Help to organize Working Groups.

Contribute to Working Group projects.

Special Interest Groups (SIGs): Language, Math, AI, Hardware, Image.

Participate in meetings to present, discuss and provide feedback on the UXL Foundation projects.

Help to organize SIGs.

Share marketing ideas and content.

Participate in the Marketing Committee meetings.

Share links to articles, communicate case studies, show off your contributions, propose event activities, or be a speaker.

Contribute code changes and specification proposals.

Submit changes and enhancements to the open source projects, and/or the oneAPI specification.

Share insights, give feedback.

Send your comments, share your thoughts about the Spec, the UXL Foundation, suggest improvements, launch a discussion.

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Taking part in the Unified Acceleration (UXL) Foundation is an opportunity to build a multi-architecture multi-vendor software ecosystem for all accelerators - and unify the heterogeneous compute ecosystem around open standards - through active collaboration with industry leaders and experts.

The Unified Acceleration Foundation is an evolution of the oneAPI initiative and focuses on the development of specifications and open source projects through Working Groups (WGs) - Specification, Open Source, and Special Interest Groups (SIGs) - Language, Math, AI, Hardware, Image.

As a member, you are invited to participate in the Working Group meetings, and co-develop the oneAPI Specification. Check the repo for details.

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